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‘You Ask, We Answer’ Wisconsin’s road test waiver program edition

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You ask we answer

WISCONSIN (WQOW) - On this edition of "You Ask, We Answer," you asked when Wisconsin's DMV road test waiver pilot program will end, and Wisconsin's DMV administrators gave us the answer.

The road test pilot program is here to stay, but not for forever. Here's why:

The pilot program was proposed as a permanent staple in the biennial budget, but it did not make the final cut. Administrators at the state's DMV said the program can be cut at anytime, but is likely to be kept until the end of the year.

"We could, you know choose to end it at any point if we felt like there were negative impacts. The data is showing us right now that about 90% of parents of eligible new drivers are choosing to take the waiver," said Kristina Boardman, Wisconsin DMV administrator.

At the end of the year, by December 31, 2021 the DMV will compile a report along with the DOT's Bureau of Traffic Safety assessing the conviction and crash rate post licensure through the waiver form, and in-person test.

According to Boardman, currently among those who have opted for the waiver route - the crash or conviction rate is about a point and half a percent lower than the rate of crashes or convictions among those that have taken the road test with the DMV.

As of yesterday, Boardman said Wisconsin's DMV has issued more than 58,000 waivers since its beginning in May 2020.

The road test pilot waiver program permits eligible drivers ages 16 and 17 who meet the requirements to move directly to a probationary graduated drivers license without taking the road test.

When the DMV receives completed drivers education certificates, as long the driver turns 16 and has completed their 50 hours of required supervised driving, drivers can go on to the DMV web page and immediately order their probationary license with a PDF copy that can be used that day.

How to apply for the waiver, click here.

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