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Veterinarian speaks about impact of poor air quality on pets


ROCHESTER, Minn. (KTTC) -- A Rochester veterinarian said symptoms of poor air quality may be similar to pets that have high mold allergies, which are strong this time of year.

Dr. Brad Treder, of Northern Valley Animal Clinic, said animals impacted by poor air quality may have unusual behaviors, like panting, when not excited.

Pets who sneeze, cough or wheeze uncontrollably may want to see a veterinarian.

He said many pets may not react to air quality issues, but there are some ways to help ease symptoms.

"If the animal is sneezing or more of a runny nose or itchy face," Treder said. "Or if the human or handler is in the same situation, yeah we are just going to have to avoid time outside that's the biggest thing."

Treder said any issues from the poor air quality will likely not create any permanent health issues with pets.

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