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Tips on minimizing allergy symptoms

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EAU CLAIRE (WQOW) - May is Allergy Awareness Month, and if you weren't already aware you had them, the pollen might take care of that this year.

Local allergist with Mayo Clinic Health System Dr. Adela Taylor said the most common thing she is seeing right now is eye and nose allergies associated with pollen, and she has some tips to minimize symptoms for those feeling the effects.

She said the cornerstone for treating allergies is avoidance. For example, keeping windows closed so pollen doesn't come inside. And when you are outside, wearing a hat or sunglasses can keep some pollen off you. She also recommends rinsing your eyes and nose with saline solution and taking a shower using shampoo  in the evening.

As for when it's time to see a doctor, Taylor said it's all about when it effects your quality of life.

"If you're forcing yourself to stay inside because you're too miserable outside, that's really the time you should see a health care professional," she said.

Taylor also treats patients with asthma, which May is also the awareness month for.

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