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Car warranty robocalls: How you can stop them

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Scam Calls

(WQOW) - The FCC's top consumer complaint is unwanted calls, including robocalls.

You see a number you don't recognize, you pick it up, and it's a robocall saying you've reached your car's extended warranty.

It's not just happening to you. The Better Business Bureau of Wisconsin said no one is protected from receiving these types of calls. The data collected by the state's DMV is controlled by the Federal Drivers Privacy Protection Act which prevents them from releasing your personal information.

The calls are caused by a mix of things: the pandemic, a rise in used car sales and information taken by third-party businesses.

The BBB reports that auto-generated phone calls are illegal, and if you are instructed to press a number or stay on the line, don't. It could potentially be used to steal information.

"If you pick up the phone, and it's a computer-generated voice calling you, it is illegal. The FCC actually banned almost all types of robocalls many years ago. The more you interact with them, the more phone calls you're going to get," said Susan Bach, the regional director of the BBB.

In addition to not picking up the phone to reduce the number of scam calls, Bach said to download robo blocking apps, report those numbers that keep calling to the FCC and add your number to the do not call registry.

If you're not able to block the numbers from your phone, Bach suggested reaching out to your phone service to implement call-blocking technology.

The FCC is currently working towards implementing STIR/SHAKEN technology, which allows phone companies to verify that the caller ID information transmitted matches the caller's phone number to reduce the number of illegal spoofing calls. The authentication system will be mandated by phone service providers at the end of June 2021.

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