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Chippewa Falls couple finds care at home through Mayo Clinic

The Goettl's

CHIPPEWA FALLS (WQOW) - When Brian and Brenda Goettl needed care for pneumonia, the Mayo Clinic brought the hospital to them. Literally.

The treatment was a part of the Advance Care at Home system that was launched in Eau Claire last August. The complex care system involves both face-to-face and virtual treatments at home.

The idea was originally proposed pre-pandemic, but came to fruition to alleviate space in an already packed hospital. The new care style was crucial to Brenda and Brian's recovery.

"We got all the attention, all the things we needed, all the care we needed, all the people, all the medicine," said Brenda, "all of those kinds of things, but we got to be at home which was so nice."

Both Brenda and Brian were discharged from the hospital last week.

"This was a unique opportunity to provide hospital level care in the comfort of their home. We try to bring care to the home that matches patients need," said Dr. Margaret Paulson, the medical director for Advanced Care at Home at Mayo Clinic Health System, Northwest Wisconsin Region.

For the Goettls that was oxygen, respiratory treatments and IV medications, plus in-person care from paramedics.

The Advanced Care program is available to anyone who is a homeowner.

Anyone who has Medicare is eligible to participate, as long as it is feasible with their diagnosis. Regular copays will apply just as they do in the hospital.

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