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Taking a selfie with your vaccine card? Wait!


ABBOTSFORD, Wis. (WAOW) -- Local authorities are issuing a warning on keeping your information secure as COVID-19 vaccinations ramp up.

While some may be eager to post proof of their vaccination on social media, law enforcement urges you not to do so. If you must, to do it safely.

Colby-Abbotsford police say COVID-19 vaccination cards contain personal information that can lead to identity theft. It has someone's full first and last name, along with middle initial and birthdate.

Police say although you may be posting that information to a group of people that already know it, once its on the internet, its public information.

"They can use your information to obtain credit cards and other security information that can only escalate," Chief Jason Bauer said. "People want to share the information because they're happy, so share it if you want but make sure you take the precautions to keep your identity safe."

Information like birth date and middle initial are often answers to security questions on bank accounts and other important log-ins, that once gotten a hold of, can have major impacts.

Chief Bauer says if posting the card is important to you, edit the photo first, blacking out or blurring the birthdate and middle initial.

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