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Sen. Ron Johnson explains decision to force marathon bill reading, wants “deliberate” review process

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Ron Johnson

(WQOW) - Sen. Ron Johnson is spearheading efforts to hold up the vote on the $1.9 trillion COVID-19 relief bill, and while he is apologizing for his action on the Senate floor Thursday, he stands by its necessity.

Sen. Johnson raised an objection Thursday that led to Senate clerks being forced to read the 628-page bill aloud in its entirety, which he says took roughly 11 hours.

Johnson apologized Friday for his objection, saying he felt bad for the "poor clerks," but said he requested the reading because he did not have a hard copy of the full bill, and he wanted to review it before moving to vote quickly.

"Had I not done that, what would have happened is Sen. [Chuck] Schumer would've I'm sure moved to waive their debate times, putting a lot of pressure on us to waive ours," Johnson said. "We would've started a vote-o-rama, everybody would have been tired, we would offer a few amendments, and then this $1.9 trillion spending monstrosity would have been passed in the dead of night."

Johnson went further saying he wants to have a "deliberate process" in reviewing the bill, and the eleven-hour reading would allow Republican lawmakers to develop more effective amendments to it.

Johnson said he received a hard copy of the bill during the reading, and remained on the Senate floor for its entirety except for taking a couple of bathroom breaks.

Evan Hong

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