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You can “flock” your friends with dozens of fake flamingos

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EAU CLAIRE (WQOW) -- If you have seen a flock of plastic pink flamingos adorning yards around the Chippewa Valley, you are seeing the handiwork of Flo Mingo.

Flo Mingo is an alias for one anonymous valley resident who is using dozens of fake birds to put a smile on people's faces by "flocking" them.

"Flocking is showing up in someone's yard in whatever time of the evening to surprise them for the morning, to cover their lawn in joy," She told News 18.

The joy, of course, being the flock of flamingos she will put on your yard while you are sleeping.

"I don't try to tiptoe, I don't try to dress in black," she said of her process.

"I don't try to be evasive because I'm not trying to be deliberately invasive I simply want it to be a surprise."

What started as a side hustle a few years ago has now become one way residents can celebrate friends they may not be able to see because of the pandemic.

"We're not interacting with anybody. We're simply giving them something to chuckle and smile about and take maybe their mind off of craziness and heavy stuff," she said.

The pink birds stay perched on lawns for one day before migrating to their next destination, giving each passerby a pop of color during what would normally be a mundane drive to work.

"That's the cherry on top," Mingo said. "Not only do they get to enjoy it, but the whole community gets to enjoy it, and I just love the thought of that."

If you would like to know more about how to flock your friends visit Flo Mingo's Facebook page:

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