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UW-Stout student government educates students on voting


MENOMONIE (WQOW) - Historically, voter turnout among young adults, especially college students, is low. But ahead of Tuesday's presidential election, the student association at UW-stout is working to change that.

President of the Student Association, Devin Dumke, said his group has been tabling outside the two cafeterias on Stout's campus all October and will be out there again on Tuesday. Their goal is to answer questions and help register students to vote.

Dumke said the biggest challenge he sees is students not knowing the voting process and being too afraid to ask. He said it can be intimidating when students hear about the penalties of voter fraud, and they don't want to accidently make any mistakes if its their first time at the polls. Another challenge is knowing where to vote. He said students often don't know that when they live in the dorms, they can vote locally.

"I'm someone who comes from a hometown hundreds of miles away but I can vote here because I have a temporary residence here," Dumke said. "Students don't know that and educating students on that. I think if a student knows that they can vote here and they don't have to go all the way back to their former residence to vote, they're much more likely to vote."

Dumke said among the students he has spoken with, the top issues on their minds when choosing who to vote for are Title IX, education, and of course, the COVID-19 pandemic.

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