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Remdesivir gets approval from the FDA, already in use in EC


(WQOW) - Remdesivir is now the first drug in the United States to be FDA approved for treating coronavirus infections and it is being used here in Eau Claire.

It is the very same drug used to treat President Donald Trmp during his brief stint with the disease.

But, it may not be without its problems.

Until now it has only been given to hospitalized patients under an emergency use authorization.

Earlier this month, the World Health Organization sponsored a global study that found remdesivir did not help COVID-19 patients recover faster or survive the virus.

But, a U.S. study shows that it did shorten recovery by about 1/3 for some patients.

The drug is now being used in Eau Claire as well as throughout Wisconsin.

Health Director Lieske Giese said that hospitals in Eau Claire have already received the drug.

She added it is not contributing to hospitalization rates but that it is likely contributing to the lower number of deaths and ICU cases.

Despite the apparent positive reception to the new treatment, Giese warns that it is not, by any means, a miracle drug.

"Treatments help and remdesivir being available as one of those examples is a useful thing but it also is not something that is going to make all of the deaths and the hospitalizations and the long-term impacts of this disease end," Giese said.

Though the skepticism is enough to discourage some, the first approved treatment is still considered by many to be a significant accomplishment.

Cole White

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