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Why is the sky gray/yellow/orange today?

Credit: Kara Birdwell
Wilfire smoke

During wintry precipitation like what we're seeing across the area early Thursday, the sky often changes color. But, why?

Much like during a thunderstorm in the summer, sunlight is reflecting off of hail in the storm which gives the sky a green-ish hue.

During wintry precipitation, ice crystal reflect the light in a similar way which gives off a gray hue.

So why is the sky orange/yellow-ish? Wildfire smoke from Colorado has also been reflecting the light which gives off the orange tones. According to the National Weather Service, the smoke is coming from Colorado fires, but none of it will reach the ground.

Justin Esterly

Justin Esterly is our Daybreak meteorologist. Justin joined WQOW News 18 in May 2018.

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