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Popular pig finds fairytale ending

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Eau Claire (WQOW) - Last month a pig that was up for adoption at the Eau Claire County Humane Association gained a lot of attention. Her name: Amy Swinehouse. And here is her tale:

There once was a home outside of Eau Claire, where a family lived oh so rare.

There were dozen of chuckling chickens, seven gregarious goats, four cats, two pig brothers, a dog, two tiny toddlers, a dad, and a mom, keeping it all afloat.

And now - Amy Swinehouse. A popular pig who gained a following locally, with dozens of people following her socially.

She's the newest member of the O'Halloran tribe, an addition that isn't too hard to describe.

"Well I kept getting tagged on Facebook by my sister-in-law who has pigs, that there was this pig at the humane association," said Katie O'Halloran. "And so I told Tom [her husband], 'hey there is a pig should we get it?' and he said yes! Which was not what I expected, I thought he was going to say no but once he gave the green light, we went for it. We have the space for her so we decided to go for it!"

Just a few weeks in her new place, Amy is getting used to the pace.

"She's still a little skittish, so we try not to invade her space too much but we just give her food because that is how pigs associated love with food. So if we keep feeding her little bits, that's what we're trying to do to get her used to us."

The love sprouting greatly with the ones the size of a pea - who now call her "Ahhme."

"She seems to like the girls more than us, she lets them come up to her more than us so I think the fact that she is just more accepting of them is kind of helpful and I don't know, they just love her."

Now in a home full of happiness and laughter... Amy the pig will live happily ever after.

"She's got a good life now."

Katie Phernetton

Katie Phernetton is one of the Daybreak morning anchors.

She joined News 18 in August of 2018 after working as a reporter for five years in the Green Bay market. Born and raised in Green Bay, she prides herself in being a cheesehead through and through.

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