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Meet Mr. Chuckles

(WQOW) - Mr. Chuckles has quite the personality.

He came to ECCHA from a hoarding situation. Because of the living conditions, he will always have weepy/Squinty eyes. The veterinarians that have seen him here believe he can go home but he will need eye drops. He has gotten to the point he hates getting his eye drops. We recommend you speak with your veterinarian to determine a long term treatment plan.

Mr. Chuckles also likes lots of room to run, explore, and play. Even though he lived with lots of other cats, he does better on his own. He did well with one of his friends for over a week then one day he decided enough was enough and they got into a fight. We will leave the decision up to you but we recommend he be the only cat. He seems to do well with dogs.

He is a talker when he wants something and even when he doesn’t. He also does not like to be picked up.

Pets are desired when he tells you. A few pets are good enough for this chap and then he wants to be on his own.

We think Mr. Chuckles is one of a kind and so very special. If you think you can give this independent, free thinker a good home check him out at the Eau Claire County Humane Association.

Corey Viars

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