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Eau Claire residents continue to protest potential health ordinance

Photo from ordinance protest in September

EAU CLAIRE (WQOW)- Dozens rallied outside City Hall in Downtown Eau Claire Monday evening to protest a proposed ordinance from the Eau Claire County Board of Health.

Last week, nearly 100 people gathered outside the government center to express their concerns about the ordinance, saying they worry the changes, if put into place, would give an overwhelming authority to health officials to police COVID-19 health practices.

However, according to the health board, the proposed ordinance would not give increased authority to Eau Claire City-County Health Director Lieske Giese. Despite clarification from the board, a much larger group of protestors gathered Monday, holding up signs and expressing their lingering concerns on why health care restrictions should be a personal choice.

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"It feels great to know that there's this many people who've become aware of what is going on in our city, and a lot of people are confused and think it's about masks," said Kayla Rick, protest organizer. "It really isn't about masks at this point. It's really about just retaining our right that we have by the constitution and being able to regain some of those back."

Rick said she will continue to organize these protests, peacefully, until her voice is heard.

The Eau Claire City Council and County Board are slated to vote on the ordinance next month.

You can see the proposed ordinance here.

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