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Daily schedule for ECASD students this fall

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Eau Claire (WQOW) - The first day of school is just days away, but there are a few questions remaining about the structure of this semester.

When it comes to instruction, teachers at Locust Lane Elementary said the content isn't changing, just the delivery. Teachers had to get creative this year when organizing their classrooms, with around 12 students to each class, instead of the usual 20.

"Teachers like myself are trying to find ways to get more creative with how we can use our spaces to make learning still fun and engaging but still adhering to county health guidelines," said Megan Sorenson, a first-grade teacher at Locust Lane Elementary School.

Students will eat lunch in their classrooms while maintaining a six-foot distance between all desks.

"They'll be going through the cafeteria line according to cohorts or classes so we can wipe down the line in between each group," said Laura Schlichting, the principal at Locust Lane Elementary School. "Eating in our classrooms for breakfast and lunch will be different for them. So they'll have some quiet time, eat their lunch and have some conversation and engage with each other socially, just from a little farther apart."

Recess will also be spent within a grouping of a cohort or class.

"They go out to recess with their teacher and every classroom has a bin of play materials and equipment and balls and jump ropes, so they can go out and have a lot of fun using the materials that are assigned to their classroom or their cohort group," said Schlichting.

Students will also have more opportunities for outdoor activities.

"Our physical education department is trying to come up with more outdoor areas for the kids to play…jumping, hopping, leaping, mixing in some galloping and some things like that," said Bob Johnson, a physical education teacher at Locust Lane Elementary School.

At the end of the day, parents will still be able to pick up their child at the door because each grade has an assigned door that will be used for entering and exiting.

"Parents can park in the parking lot, walk to the side and pick up their child like they normally would," Schlichting said. "We've minimized how many children are coming through any one entrance."

For a full first-week schedule for ECASD students, follow this link.

McKenna Alexander

McKenna Alexander is the weekend anchor and a multimedia journalist for News 18. She started in June 2019. She was born in San Francisco, but spent the majority of her life growing up in Dallas.

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