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Felicity Bosk

Felicity Bosk

Felicity joined News 18 as a multi-media journalist in August 2020.

She grew up in Southern New Hampshire where she watched WMUR news every morning and night and in high school wrote for the paper. 

She moved to Superior in 2012 to study journalism and history at UW-Superior. Felicity worked for the college paper, The Stinger (renamed Promethean in 2016) during her college tenure and wrote over 120 stories, archived over a decade of old newspapers and held every editorial position at one time or another.

She also interned at Wisconsin Public Radio for a few months after graduating in 2017.

After a few months, Felicity began writing for the Duluth Reader Weekly as a staff writer. At the same time, she helped manage, bake bread, and coordinate events at Amazing Grace Cafe in Duluth, MN.

Felicity moved to Eau Claire in July 2020 to be closer to her partner's family and because it is a beautiful city. 

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