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99-year-old receives associates degree from UWSP


(WAOW) -- Virginia Posny turned 99 this year. Just this week, she received a college degree decades in the making.

Virginia first started classes at UWSP eight decades ago. But after just two years she left to join the workforce during World War II.

"I went out to work, it was the end of the depression about that time, I also worked for awhile for the Air Force when they were training students at Stevens Point," she said.

And in the years that followed, her life came into full bloom. She married the king to her homecoming queen and had four children.

Virginia said her family kept her busy, but she continued to work.

"All of the jobs she had, she put all four of us kids through school and we never paid a dime," Alexa Posny, Virginia's daughter, said.

When Alexa found out her mom had actually earned enough credits in her two years at UWSP to earn an associates degree, the graduation party started to fall into place.

Alexa planned for Virginia to be presented with her associates degree from UWSP Chancellor Bernie Patterson on Monday.

And like many graduates this year, Virginia celebrated with a socially-distant car parade.

"It was pretty exciting and I really didn't know anything about it. They kept it a secret," Virginia said.

"Mom well-deserved the whole thing," Alexa said. "She should've gotten the degree way back when."

So what advice does Virginia have for the rest of the Class of 2020?

"Get all the schooling you can. It's an asset for everybody to learn as much as you can about the world," Virginia said.

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