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Can the president postpone an election?

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Eau Claire (WQOW) - President Trump proposed a new plan for ensuring an accurate and reliable voting process this year by pushing back the election date.

In a tweet sent out Thursday morning, the president suggested delaying the November 3 presidential election, stating increased mail-in voting will result in higher chances of voting fraud.

Geoff Peterson, UW-Eau Claire political science chair, said the date of an election is a federal law and changing it would require an act from Congress and an agreement from the Democratic-controlled House of Representatives.

A number of Congressional Republicans have already rejected the president's suggestion, so Peterson says while still theoretically possible it's extremely unlikely.

"You'd actually have this weird period where technically Nancy Pelosi would be president of the United States because you wouldn't have a president or a vice president," Peterson said. "But, it's a non-starter, both politically and legally."

Peterson said a presidential term can legally only last four years. A delay would mean the Speaker of the House would fill the presidential seat - a logistic the president was likely unaware of before sending out the Tweet.

Rebecca Fiala

Rebecca Fiala joined the News 18 Sports Team in December 2018 as our weekend sports anchor and sports reporter.

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