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Youth activists display determination in 65-mile walk from Milwaukee to Madison


Madison (WKOW) -- From Milwaukee to Madison, youth activists walked 65 miles having conversations with allies, but also tough conversations with communities.

"We know these places don't have that many black people, we needed to be heard," youth activist Azul Strella said.

"We got hecklers, we got racial slurs, we got all those things," Tatiana Washington, youth activist and executive director of 50 Miles More, said.

"We knew they were all malicious following us, yet that did not stop people from being black, being who they are, it didn't stop us from chanting, we kept going. The perseverance, the strength in our marchers is so inspiring to me."

"Also we were walking through highways, there were no trees, sometimes there was no shade for miles," Strella said.

But they didn't give up, finishing at the Wisconsin State Capitol where they held a rally encouraging others to join them in the support of black women and the black LGBTQ+ community.

"I can be listened to and just knowing that I have the platform, to use my voice, and for people to actually listen, I love that," Strella said.

They then made their way to the governor's mansion demanding support from Governor Tony Evers.

"Defund the police is an essential part of liberation for all people," Washington said. "You can not try and reform a system that is historically anti-black, you just cannot do it. "

"We want to be able to completely overall heal America, but first we want to start where we live at, so Madison, Milwaukee," Youth Activist Jordan King said.

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