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Flooding damages roadways and homes in Baldwin

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Baldwin Flooding Damage 06-29-2020

Baldwin (WQOW) - Major flooding in St. Croix county has left many residents and officials wondering "What's next?" And that flooding caused extensive damage to areas of Baldwin.

"I looked out the window, saw the water, came down here, it was pouring in through the doorway and then through the foundation," said Brandon Momchilovich.

On Monday morning, Brandon Momilovich woke up to 18 inches of water in his basement.

"It floated stuff everywhere. It's all covered in mud and ruined a few things."

Momchilovich said the water damaged his daughter's clothes, some appliances and a couple of family photos.

However, the flooding was not only giving homeowners trouble.

"At one point, we had 54 incidents or road closures that highway had noted that they were going out to check, so that made it extremely difficult responding to areas," said St. Croix Sheriff Scott Knudson.

Sheriff Knudson said the water washed away several roads and swept away four cars at this intersection alone, on Highway 63 and County Highway E in Baldwin.

"That was probably one of our biggest challenges, was getting from point A to point B safely," said Knudson.

Knudson said their main priority is getting Highway 63 and Highway 12 fixed up and hopes everyone drives safely.

"Even paved roads, if you see it washed out on the shoulder, or by a culvert, it may be washed out underneath that pavement as well, so use caution as you're traveling, lower your speeds through these areas, because the water is still running," said Knudson.

As for Momchilovich, he said flooding is inconvenient, but things are replaceable.

"It's not pleasant, but it's just stuff," said Momchilovich.

Momchilovich said he's speaking with insurance to figure out what to do next.

Sheriff Knudson said many roads will remain closed for at least several days and they do not have a cost estimate yet of the damage.

Katrina Lim

Katrina Lim joined the News 18 team in August 2019 as a multimedia journalist. She was born and raised in Jersey City, New Jersey but has lived in all time zones of the contiguous U.S.A.

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