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Alleged racial attack in Wausau

WAUSAU (WAOW) - A Wausau man says he was the victim of a racial attack at The Store on Stewart Avenue in Wausau on Monday night.

The aftermath of the alleged incident was caught on camera by a woman who happened to be passing by.

Murphy said he was coming out of the gas station when a white man started yelling racial slurs at him, then he said the white man allegedly attacked Murphy, and he subdued the man until police arrived.

"I got the cuts to prove it he has no injuries I didn't harm him I didn't want to act violently toward him," Murphy said.

In a time where the topic of race seems to divide the nation, Murphy says this incident is proof racism happens everywhere.

"I'm scared for my life I'm scared for my son's life I'm scared for every other black man and minority in general," Murphy said.

Wausau Police Chief Ben Bliven was informed of the alleged incident on Tuesday morning.

"This incident is indicative of what we are experiencing in our society today is that people of color don't feel safe in their communities and we need to do a better job at that," Chief Bliven said.

Ppolice say they arrested Aaron Nielson from Wausau in connection to the alleged attack.

Police say he is expected to be charged with battery and the Marathon County District Attorney's office will add a hate crime enhancer.

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