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75 Madison businesses damaged during protests, 1 officer hurt


Madison (WKOW) - Damage and violence in downtown Madison as protesters clash with officers.

A large group gathered in the State Street area Saturday to advocate for justice for George Floyd, the man who was killed in Minneapolis police custody.

At 4:30 p.m., the group dispersed, but the Madison Police Department estimates 150 people stayed and began damaging property.

Chemical agents were used as officers tried to move the crowd from the area.

From that time throughout the morning Sunday, officers remained on scene working to maintain order but the protesters made it difficult.

About 75 businesses on State Street were damaged, some were looted. An MPD squad car was broken into, driven a short time and set on fire. Several other cars were damaged too.

The Madison Police Department said officers were pelted with hard objects, like rocks, bottles and chairs. One officer was hurt.

Businesses in other parts of Madison were looted including East and West Towne Malls.

Three arrests were made and officials said they are working to identify, arrest and prosecute others who were involved.

MPD said groups dissipated early Sunday morning.

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