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UW Board of Regents approves reduced application fees


MADISON (WXOW) - The University of Wisconsin System Board of Regents approved new application fees to accompany the launch of a new, electronic application system called the 'EApp' for their universities.

The board approved reduced college application fees to $25 for all of their universities except UW-Madison which will retain their $60 fee.

“As Regents, we are always looking for ways to expand access opportunities,” Regent President Andrew S. Petersen said in a news release. “We believe this new EApp will provide a better experience for anyone looking to attend a UW System university.”

The new system rolls out this fall (August 1) for prospective students like new freshmen, international students, and transfer students applying to attend a UW-System university. Students can apply to multiple universities in the system with the same application.

Students who are transferring internally within the system will not have to write a new application essay and will not have to pay a new application fee as long as they transfer within one semester of leaving a UW System university and did not attend an out of system college in between.

UW System President Ray Cross said in a press release that the new EApp will be much simpler to use and complete for prospective students and provide an easier waiver process for those who can not afford the fee.

Cross estimates that the system will take a $2.5 million hit in application fees but expects applications to rise. According to Cross, the system currently pulls in around $4.5 million in application fees.

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