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Sen. Johnson presses health officials on coronavirus response

Ron Johnson

Washington, D.C. (WQOW) - Senator Ron Johnson (R-Wisconsin), the chairman of the Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, hosted a committee hearing on Wednesday, pressing federal officials about their efforts to combat the spread of the coronavirus.

In the roundtable, Johnson asked about travel restrictions in place and how they are following up with people who may have been exposed to the virus while traveling.

"We have a case in Madison, we have the flight, so I was asking, 'okay are we contacting everybody on that flight?' 'Are we contacting passengers three rows deep and who's doing that?' When there's a situation like that, the travel exposure potential, it is the local and state public health department that identify the case and begin the process of working with the airline to contact passengers," Johnson said.

The CDC will help coordinate but the actual work is at the state level.

DHS has said it contacted people sitting near the infected patient in Madison.

They have not said if any of those people are the ones being investigated.

Stephen Kelley

Stephen Kelley joined the News 18 team in August 2006. He is currently the Executive Producer.

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