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Advocates: Have safety plan when leaving abusive relationship

Bolton Refuge

Eau Claire (WQOW) - If you or someone you know is planning to leave an abusive or unhealthy relationship, advocates say it is important to create a safety plan.

Advocates from the Bolton Refuge House say it is good to have a "go bag" packed with essentials for you and your children including money, medicine and a phone.

Executive Director Pat Stein said last year Bolton Refuge House had 253 people stay at the shelter.

However, less than 25% of them came with the essentials.

Stein said there are ways victims can prepare without tipping off their abuser.

"Some individuals have found creative ways of making copies. Some individuals take pictures of things. Some individuals have been able to mail themselves or mail to a family member copies of things so that they really don't have it on their person when they leave," Stein said.

Through donations and their partnerships with churches, Bolton Refuge House is able to provide some items that were left behind.

Stein said ultimately victims need to keep themselves safe. Things are replaceable, not your life.

Katrina Lim

Katrina Lim joined the News 18 team in August 2019 as a multimedia journalist. She was born and raised in Jersey City, New Jersey but has lived in all time zones of the contiguous U.S.A.

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