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9-year-old cancer patient uses donations to help family of 6-year-old killed waiting for school bus

Miguel Duran pic
Credit: Miguel's Fight Against Rhabdomyosarcoma
Miguel Duran 2
Credit: Miguel's Fight Against Rhabdomyosarcoma

Plainfield (WQOW) -When we want to see the best the world has to offer, sometimes it is the littlest who shine through the brightest.

On Monday, a 6-year-old girl was hit and killed by a vehicle while waiting to board the bus in Plainfield. That is in central Wisconsin.

The girl's 4-year-old sister was also struck. She survived and is recovering at home.

Plainfield is part of the Tri-County Area School District. Remember the name of that district, it will come back later in this article.

It is often said the worst thing a parent can do is bury their child but that is the reality for this family from Plainfield. It's fair to say the past days have been the darkest and saddest that family has ever endured.

There enters young Miguel Duran from Berlin. That's just under an hour from Plainfield.

Duran is only 9 years old but he is showing compassion and love well beyond his years.

He's battling a rare form of cancer. His family says it is no longer treatable and they are expecting to lose him in the coming months.

"We are now making end of life choices that no parent should have to make. Miguel has been placed on palliative care and eventually will be transferred to hospice when things progress further. Cancer really sucks. Looking at him you’d never know there was this horrible disease growing inside of him. He looks healthy and acts like any normal 9year old but deep within his body, there is a monster growing that nobody can see. But the physical ailments are not far behind," his family said in a GoFundMe post.

As Duran has endured 12 months of chemo and radiation and countless ambulance rides in the middle of the night, other people have tried to help by making monetary donations.

Some of those people included students in the Tri-County Area School District. Remember, that's the same school district impacted by the school bus tragedy.

Kids and families in that district had been raising thousands of dollars for Duran and his family.

Well, on the same day Duran was going to the Tri-County Area School District to collect a check for $2,762, the girls were hit waiting for the bus.

Duran still went that day and collected the money his family could undoubtedly use.

And what did the Durans decide to do with the money? They are paying it forward to the family of the little girls.

"We cannot thank the school enough for their contribution, but in light of the situation, we cannot accept the donation. This family needs it more right now. Our time with Miguel is limited, but we still have time. He wasn't ripped away from us in a tragic accident. Hold your littles close," Duran's family said on Facebook.

Despite two families and two communities going through heartbreak and tragedy, the good of the world shines through again as the youngest give us all a motto to live by: Love one another.

Clint Berge

Clint Berge is the Social Media & Digital Content Manager for Eau Claire’s Own WQOW News 18.
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