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How dairy farmers are working to be more efficient

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Dairy farm families rely on their land and water resources to do their job. Just as farms have been passed down from generation to generation, today’s farmers want to ensure their farm, and their environmental resources are viable for the next generations. Our farmers continue to innovate in their sustainable farming practices, always looking for the next method of improvement. And they have been successful – Dairy farmers in the United States have reduced their carbon footprint by nearly 25% since 2007. Its the only industry in the United States to actually reduce their carbon footprint.

Some of those methods used by farmers include computer-based irrigation scheduling. These methods turn on irrigators only when sensors detect a need, preventing excess water use. Water recycling happens by reusing water after cooling the milk to wash the milking parlor. Restorative native ecosystems are planted on the edges of fields to encourage native species to populate the area. UW-Discovery Farms are conducting continual research on working dairy farms, throughout Wisconsin’s diverse agricultural landscape.

As for what you can do to support our farmers, make sure you are choosing real, Wisconsin dairy products in the grocery store. Look for the Proudly Wisconsin Dairy and Proudly Wisconsin Cheese logos on store shelves.

Corey Viars

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