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Soldiers train to save lives during combat

wxow soldiers
Courtesy: WXOW

Fort McCoy (WXOW) - Army reserves trained in an annual combat lifesaver course on Saturday.

According to the United States Army Department of Combat Medic Training, 90% of combat deaths happen on the battlefield. Soldiers go through the tactical simulations to prepare if they're ever deployed.

"The instructors will try to rush you a little bit and try to make things as chaotic as possible," Army Reserves Firefighting Unit Specialist Ettori Dimiceli said. "The toughest part is working under stress and just getting that muscle memory so that you can remember what you're doing in a high-stress environment."

Soldiers practice relieving the pressure that builds up in their comrades' chests if they sustain a related injury.

"It could be anything from a rollover in a vehicle, gunshot wound or any kind of shrapnel blow to that individual's chest," Sergeant Maria Vickers said. "Muscle memory kicks in so you just react to it because you saw it [and] you know what to do with it."

Combat lifesaver training is required for all military personnel.

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