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Carmody’s connection goes beyond the ice for the Stars

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State Championship
The Carmodys helped the Stars win their first ever state title in 2018.
Carmodys soccer
Lauren and Cameron also both play for the Eau Claire Memorial girls soccer team.
Young hockey players
The Carmodys have played hockey since they've been 6 years old.

It's said that twins share a special bond like no other. And for Eau Claire Memorial seniors Lauren and Cameron Carmody, that connection comes to life on the ice.

"Playing with a twin is like having another you on the ice in a way, because we're basically the same person," says senior forward Lauren Carmody, who's a captain for the Stars. "I know where she is without even having to look for her, because we have a built in GPS system."

"You watch them skate, and they're both very similar," head coach Tom Bernhardt says. "Their work ethic, and they're just very similar in their ability offensively and defensively. "

The Carmodys are in their final season with the ECA Stars, a sport that they've been a part of since they were six years old.

"My older brother played hockey, so we were always at the rink watching him," says senior forward Cameron Carmody, who is also a captain for ECA. "And the atmosphere, just seeing him play and all that, inspired us and motivated us like. Let's try this sport. Got some hockey skates, and ever since then we've just been playing hockey."

And having another version of yourself on the ice, might be just the best motivation they need.

"Everyone always asks, who's the better twin? So we have to show it," says Lauren, who's tied for the team lead with 10 goals this season. "So we always go hard on each other. And with that we're always getting better, because the other one doesn't want to cut the other any slack."

"They push each other," Bernhardt says. "They're very hard on each other, and they've played together for most of their four years on the same line. So it's been kind of fun to watch that relationship evolve."

"We always want to see each other get better," Cameron says. "So we never cut each other any slack, we just go, go, go."

And that mentality and hustle by the sisters, has helped bring the Stars success the past four seasons. Including the program's first ever state championship back in 2018.

"Going down there, the first time ever in program history, and coming back with a State Title was probably our favorite memory," says Lauren. "It was definitely my favorite memory."

While hockey may be the first sport in the twins' hearts, it's not the only one that they excel at.

"We did tennis together, hockey, soccer, we also take the exact same classes together," Cameron says. "We're never apart. You'll never see us separated, because we're always together."

Even when it comes to their future, Lauren and Cameron are still on the same page as each other.

"I'm hoping to go to college. I might play hockey, but I'm not sure yet," says Lauren. "But we'll see. Education is first for me before sports."

"I might play college hockey, or I might not," Cameron says. "Education is first for me, so we'll see where it goes."

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