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Rep. Kind sponsors bill limiting Trump’s military power against Iran

Washington (WQOW) - Wisconsin Democrat Ron Kind is sponsoring a bill that would limit the president's power to use military action against Iran.

The bill is being voted on Thursday afternoon.

The resolution comes a day after Congress admonished the administration for what one member called a "lame" briefing on the killing of an Iranian general that prompted an Iranian airstrike against U.S. forces.

Rep. Kind released the following statement on the bill:

"No one wants another prolonged U.S. military involvement in the Middle East. If the President wants to continue escalating an already tense situation with Iran, then his Administration must come to Congress and present a clear, thought-out strategy,” said Rep. Ron Kind. “This resolution sends a clear message to this Administration, our men and women in uniform, and all Americans: we will not go into another war without the President making the case to the American people and seeking approval from Congress—the only branch that has the power to declare war under the Constitution.”

CNN contributed to this report.

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