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Abbotsford daycare provider faces 25 charges of child neglect, endangering safety


Clark County (WQOW) - An Abbotsford daycare provider is facing more than two dozen charges for allegedly severely neglecting the children in her care.

Naomi Konieczny is charged with 25 counts, including child neglect, recklessly endangering safety, physical abuse of a child and causing mental harm to a child.

According to the criminal complaint, Konieczny would keep kids in a back room without checking on them for as many as 10 hours at a time.

One child in her care said kids would go all day without food or a diaper change.

When authorities went to the home to investigate they said they found a playpen with a piece of plywood with nails on the top. Authorities said there was a child inside that playpen. As authorities lifted the plywood they said Konieczny yelled, "Don't do that! He'll jump out!"

Parents told authorities their children would come home with severe diaper rash, so severe that their children would be blistered and bleeding.

One parent said her four-year-old would walk across the street unsupervised to get the mail for Konieczny.

Another parent said Konieczny would give children Benadryl. One child called it "sleepy medication."

A worker at the daycare told authorities children would have their fingers slapped if they tried grabbing something they shouldn't have.

That same worker said parents were not allowed in the back of the home because "that's pretty much inhumane torture.... It's no different than, prisoners of war camps."

When interviewed, Konieczny admitted to putting the board over the playpen because otherwise the child would climb out. She also admitted making threatening comments to kids like, "Pick up your toys or you're going outside on the roof," or, "do this or I am going to beat your butt."

She also admitted to giving kids Benadryl.

She told authorities parents were not allowed in the back of the house because they would be upset to see kids strapped in car seats, high chairs and a playpen with plywood over it.

If convicted on all the charges, Konieczny faces more than 140 years in prison.

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