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New landfill expansion proposal raises concerns for Town of Seymour residents


Residents of the Town of Seymour are continuing to make their concerns known about a potential landfill expansion in light of a new proposal.

The Seven Mile Creek landfill ran by Advanced Disposal, first requested an expansion in March.

The new proposal put forward by the landfill's siting committee said that fencing would be put in to collect debris and that property values would go unaffected.

However, some aspects of the proposal continue to worry residents near the site, such as no dirt or dust mitigation, no consequences for litter from trucks, and a lack of compensation for residents.

Gary Eslinger, who lives in Seymour, said the proposal brings up more questions and leaves those affected in the dark. However, he feels confident in the community's efforts.

"As they continue to expand, who's watching this? The DNR really hasn't monitored this. Twice in how many years? I mean, that doesn't seem right. So I'm glad we have this little group of people getting together asking questions," said Eslinger.

Residents are also pooling together to hire an attorney to help with the neighborhood's negotiations with advanced disposal.

A public meeting is set for Jan. 16 and final negotiations with the siting committee are scheduled for Jan. 17.

Mary Pautsch

Mary came to News 18 in July 2019 from Sioux City, Iowa where she graduated from Morningside College with a BA in Spanish after attending Iowa State University for 3 years.

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