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Aaron Rodgers, Justin Vernon chat about Eau Claire in new video

Aaron Rodgers and Justin Vernon
Youtube/GQ Sports
Aaron Rodgers and Justin Vernon talk performing, Eau Claire establishments.

WQOW - Two big Wisconsin names sat down at Lambeau Field to shoot the breeze about, well everything.

Green Bay Packers star quarterback, Aaron Rodgers and Eau Claire's own, Justin Vernon released a video with GQ Sports this week where they talk all things performing, traveling and even mention some familiar establishments.

When Rodgers talks about going to New Zealand, Vernon talks about his trips on that side of the globe but then says he always ready to get back to the quiet and Western Wisconsin. It's then that Rodgers mentions a familiar place, The Pickle.

After Vernon thinking The Pickle is no longer, Rodgers seems shocked and disappointed. It's then that someone off camera reminds Vernon that The Pickle is in fact, still up and running on Eau Claire's Water Street.

Vernon then says maybe he "blocked it out of his memory" and that he still frequents The Joynt just across the street.

Rodgers then comments saying the next time he's in the area, he'll have to check it out the legendary Eau Claire bar, but not before a stop at The Pickle.

To check out the full video click here. The full conversation about Eau Claire can be found around the 27 minute mark.

Katie Phernetton

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