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On the Clock: A shack with a knack for waffles

Eau Claire (WQOW) – Two brothers, Justin Konwinski and Tye Kreutzfeldt, teamed up to take a popular breakfast food to a new level of delicious.

When you walk into Waffle Shack off of Water Street, you are greeted with retro games, a stage for local talent, a wall of artwork, and of course, waffles.

“It really brings me back to having waffles, breakfast with my family in the morning, where I didn’t have worries or bills to pay, or any of that stuff,” said Konwinski. “So that’s really the vibe we want to create is a [relaxed] environment for everybody to come and hang out.”

The shack’s doors opened on October 1. The menu offers endless sweet and savory options to satisfy your breakfast belly. However, Konwinski and Kreutzfeldt said the demand isn’t just evident in the mornings.

“What does everybody want when they are intoxicated late at night? Breakfast food,” said Konwinski.

So, the Waffle Shack created the ‘Lumberjack,’ which is a three stack of waffles. In between the waffles, customers can choose whatever toppings they desire.

“I can’t say they were able to complete it,” said Konwinski. “But they got three quarters of the way through.”

The breakfast hot spot also serves chicken and waffles, strawberry with Nutella, the ‘Braffle’ or brat waffle, and more.

“We get in what we call ‘the lab.’ So, we basically get different ingredients together and try to put them together, see if they would go good on a waffle,” Kreutzfeldt said.

This means the two do a lot of taste testing, but the brothers are looking beyond what their business offers now.

“We are already even looking at multiple locations,” said Konwinski. “If you know, ‘Waffle House’ is a multi-billion dollar industry all around the West, Southeast, but not in the Midwest. So, our goal would be to create a franchise model where we can have other young entrepreneurs open up Waffle Shacks throughout the Midwest and sort of take over.”

In the meantime, the two brothers are going to keep waffling on.

“I think we were even close before this happened, but I think it brought us even closer together,” said Kreutzfeldt.

Check out Waffle Shack’s Facebook page for their menu and business hours. You can also find the Center for Combat Arts in the back of the Waffle Shack, another business run by Konwinski.

Shannon Hoyt

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