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Mail Carriers: Be on the lookout for porch pirates

Eau Claire (WQOW)- As more and more holiday shopping is done online, officials said now is primetime for porch pirates.

Eau Claire letter carrier Corey Grotte said they typically deliver 4,000 packages a day, but during the holiday shopping season they’ll dropoff roughly 9,000 packages a day, so there’s a greater chance your package could get stolen.

“We have had two carriers here in the station that have noticed they were being followed and noticing people get out of a vehicle and going to a house,” Grotte said. “Those incidents were reported to the police immediately and both of those were apprehended.”

Grotte said the best way to avoid someone taking your package is to know when it’s scheduled to be delivered and have someone pick it up, or have a neighbor keep an eye out for it.

Grotte said if you think a package was stolen, you can call the post office to confirm it was delivered.

If it was delivered then the police will get involved.

Shannon Satterlee

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