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How to spot Cyber Monday scams

Eau Claire (WQOW)- Millions of Americans are jumping online Monday to find the biggest bargain, but officials said some of those deals are too good to be true because they’re a scam.

Tianna Ohren, the operations manager at MacMan in Eau Claire, said on Cyber Monday you need to watch out for fake websites that mimic legit ones.

Ohren said those fake sites generally look like the real thing but typically have spelling errors, which is one clue it’s a scam.

Ohren said to make sure in the business’ URL it says ‘https’ because the ‘s’ stands for secure, and it should have a lock next to it in your browser.

Another tip, always use a credit card when purchasing online.

“A lot of times people will have a credit card with a lower limit. Definitely use those because on the off chance that something were to happen they can’t get a ton from you,” Ohren said. “By always using a credit card you can always dispute claims and charges.”

Ohren said when possible choose in-store pick up because that’s another sign the site is secure.

Shannon Satterlee

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