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Plow drivers give tips on how you can help make their job easier

Altoona (WQOW) – Monday was Snow Plow Driver Appreciation Day, and in recognition of it, drivers shared tips on what you can do to help make their jobs easier and the roads safer.

In Altoona, all six snow plows will hit the road this holiday weekend, but sometimes operators run into problems.

Scott Kwick, Altoona public works superintendent and plow driver, said wayward garbage cans and cars parked on the street make it difficult to clear the road.

To lighten their workload, plow drivers said that if you clear your driveway before they come through, to not shovel your snow into the street. It is actually illegal in Altoona to do so. Another tip is to stay at least 200 feet back when driving behind a plow.

Although the job comes with long hours, Kwick says it can be rewarding.

“Plowing snow is oddly satisfying. You can see the result as soon as you’re done and when those banks are piled high up onto the boulevard, it gives you a really good sense of accomplishment,” said Kwick.

Because of increased traffic from people going on vacation or returning from hunting, Kwick asked that everyone to be extra cautious around plows this Thanksgiving weekend.

Katrina Lim

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