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Memorial High School senior aims to continue welcoming culture

Eau Clarie (WQOW) – Each month News 18’s Katie Phernetton gets to know our ‘Student of the Month,’ an Eau Claire teen making a difference in their school and community. November’s ‘Student of the Month’ is Morgan Priem, a senior at Memorial High School who remembers the mentor-ship she was given as a new student and is now paying it forward.

She remembers what it was like to be a freshman, so she’s taken it upon herself to be a friendly face for new students.

As a freshman herself, she joined the cross country team and the team’s culture had her hooked.

“Coming in as a freshman not really knowing people, being on the team right away in the fall is where I met a lot of close friends,” said Morgan. “A lot of the upper class-men I really looked up towards as role models not only in athletics but also in academics and just in character as well.”

And now four years later, she continues to keep that culture alive.

“I wanted to give back to those under class-men that were coming in after me.”

Reaching beyond cross country, this year she wanted to welcome all incoming freshmen at the beginning of the school year being what they call a “Link Leader” linking freshmen with upper class-men.

“We kind of show them the ropes. None of the teachers are there, we just get to show them around, show them how things are done, invite them into Memorial. It’s just a really special opportunity for us to give back, say farewell, this is our parting gift to you.”

But she’s not leaving Memorial without giving some extra advice.

“Memorial being a big school in a big district, we have a ton of opportunities and students just need to go out there and take advantage of them because there is so much you can do and explore in your time in high school.”


Katie Phernetton

Katie Phernetton is one of the Daybreak morning anchors.

She joined News 18 in August of 2018 after working as a reporter for five years in the Green Bay market. Born and raised in Green Bay, she prides herself in being a cheesehead through and through.

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