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11/22: Adopt-A-Pet – Meet Doris

Doris is independent, loves to explore, and then will come sit on your lap and snuggle up to take a nap.

She enjoys playing chase and wrestling with other cats. She plays rough, so if you don’t adopt a friend with her but have other cats at home, be sure they can tolerate a little roughhousing.

She’s full of spunk and very entertaining to watch her run all over the place! She’s got a strong purr and will let you know when she’s happy, which is all of the time.

She doesn’t like to sit too still for too long. There’s just so much to explore out there. She’s in the colony cat room and is burning off energy climbing all the tall perches, chasing other kitties, and batting around toys.

Doris is already spayed and ready to go home! For more information, check out the Eau Claire County Humane Society’s website.

Corey Viars

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