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Three new fire features to light up Haymarket Plaza

Eau Claire (WQOW)- Soon you’ll be able to see flames at the Haymarket Plaza in Eau Claire.

The city recently installed three new fire features.

Officials said the fire features cost $125,000 and add another element to the Haymarket Plaza.

Tim Pluth, the deputy city engineer for Eau Claire, said the fire features will be completed by December 6, just in time for the 6th annual Let it Glow Celebration.

Pluth said Tuesday they’re installing a glass wall between the flames for safety reasons.

“One of the reasons we’re putting up a glass barrier is for safety so people aren’t reaching into the fire feature getting burned, also as a windbreak that’s one of the requirements,” Pluth said.

Pluth said they don’t have a schedule of when the flames will be lit, but they plan to light the fire features during special events.

Shannon Satterlee

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