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DNR sees treestand related injuries every year, how to avoid being a victim

Eau Claire (WQOW)- Hunters are already scouting the woods for deer, and the DNR wants to remind you to be safe while up in the trees.

DNR Recreation Warden, Jake Holsclaw said every year there’s treestand related accidents.

Holsclaw said treestands are typically 15 to 20 feet tall, so if you fall you can easily break your leg or suffer a spinal injury.

He said it’s important to wear a full-body harness that way if you slip, there’s something to keep you from hitting the ground but even then you have to be careful.

“So, if somebody is hanging even in a full-body harness it can cut off circulation to the lower limbs,” Holsclaw said. “If you do fall try not to panic. Remain calm and then try to have a system so if you were to fall out you can at least reach on to the ladder or the stand, pull yourself back up and get into a safe position.”

Holsclaw said it’s important to always check your treestand before climbing to ensure it’s properly secured and your bolts aren’t rusted.

Shannon Satterlee

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