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Wis. First Lady and Historical Society talk Women’s Suffrage in area schools

RINGLE, Wis.— Wisconsin First Lady Kathy Evers visited area schools Friday to discuss women’s suffrage and to promote new resources in relation to the movement.

Governor Tony Evers’ wife visited both the Pittsville School District and Riverside Elementary in Ringle.

She and a Wisconsin Historical Society representative talked to students about the role of Wisconsin women in the suffrage movement.

100 years ago, Wisconsin ratified its 19th amendment, making it the first state in the U.S. to grant women the right to vote.

Wisconsin Historical Society Education Coordinator Jenny Kalvaitis gave students an overview of the historical movement.

Afterward, First Lady Evers said she hopes to inspire younger generations to vote when they get older.

“It’s just to honor the suffrage movement for 100 years,” said First Lady Kathy Evers. “Women have done so much good to get us where we’re at today. We want to continue that movement. ”

The governors office has also introduced new school resources., which focuses on the suffrage movement in Wisconsin and nationally.

“So it’s something that we’ve done in partnership with the First Lady’s commission and also the Department of Public Instruction with the Wisconsin Historical Society,” said Kalvaitis. “Telling a broad history of possible ways that we can include more primary sources, so the original sources and women’s stories when we teach Wisconsin and U.S. history.”

The first lady and historical society plan to visit more Wisconsin schools in the coming month

Samantha Wensel

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