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Your space heater could pose a fire threat

Eau Claire (WQOW) – Eau Claire fire officials want you to be cautious while using your space heater this winter.

Deputy Chief Allyn Bertrang said space heaters shouldn’t be used to heat up your entire home and should only be on if it is being monitored.

Bertrang said older space heaters can easily start a fire if they are tipped over by an animal or child because they do not automatically shut off like the new ones.

He said before using your space heater it’s always important to look it over.

“Make sure there is no damage to it, there’s no broken pieces, no frayed cords or anything like that,” Bertrang said. “We also recommend a newer type that is designed to shut off if it is disrupted somehow such as being tipped over.”

Bertrang said heaters should always be three feet from anything flammable. He said it is also important to plug your space heater into a wall outlet and never an extension cord or power strip because it could overheat and lead to a fire.

Shannon Satterlee

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