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Hate crimes up in Wisconsin, Chippewa Valley according to FBI

Eau Claire (WQOW) – Hate crimes are on the rise in Wisconsin, including here in the Chippewa Valley, according to a new report released by the FBI.

The FBI reports 53 hate crimes were committed in the Badger State in 2018. That’s seven more than the previous year.

Fourteen of the cases were in northwestern Wisconsin.

That includes one each in Eau Claire, Clark and Burnett counties with racial motivation.

Burnett County also had one reported for religious motivation.

The city of Hudson had the majority of cases in our area. One was reported for religious motivation and nine for sexual orientation.

Eau Claire officer Josh Miller said although Eau Claire’s numbers are low, it is something officers look for when responding to a call

“Obviously looking all the time for if there are any signs of hate crime, whether that’s things that are said while the crime was going on, statements that are made prior to the crime occurring, if there’s any evidence left at the scene that indicates a kind of hate crime,” Miller said.

Miller said some signs that point to a hate crime include any slurs or written threats aimed at a person because of their race, ethnicity or sexual orientation.

Miller adds these types of crimes are especially heinous and credits the civility of our citizens for having lower instances than many parts of the state and nation.

If you’d like to look at the FBI report, you can find it here.

Mary Pautsch

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