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Black River Falls was coldest spot in Lower 48 this morning

Only sheltered spots managed to cool to full potential Friday morning. The center of the high pressure system moved east just a bit faster than expected, which brought in the lightest southerly wind. It was only 2-3 mph but that was all that was needed to stop the cooling process for all except the cranberry bogland areas southeast of Eau Claire.

In fact, Black River Falls was the coldest place of anywhere in the entire lower 48 Friday morning with a low of -8! Eau Claire was at positive 8 degrees, which did not break the record of 3 set in 1991, but it was at 10 degrees for much of the night so while the low temperature wasn’t as low as forecast, we spent a lot more time below 10 degrees than we normally would with a low of 8.

Temperatures are starting to warm as a warm front has moved through. A few flurries will be possible through Saturday morning, but we’re not expecting anything of significance. Saturday’s temperatures will push towards 40 degrees, but it will be mostly cloudy with a chance for scattered wintry mix changing to snow late in the afternoon, though most of the day looks dry.

Saturday night through Sunday will see continued small chances for flurries or very light snow. Accumulation is not anticipated but there is a slight chance a few areas pick up a dusting, with a very slight chance at up to 1/2”. That happens as a cold front follows through the day on Sunday, so expect steady temps in the mid to upper 20s before they start to fall again for Monday morning.

The potential for very cold temperatures is there for Monday night into Tuesday morning. The potential low temperature is far colder than what it was the last couple nights, but once again the atmospheric conditions won’t be perfect for rapidly falling temperatures. Expect similar lows as the past couple days, perhaps a few degrees colder. Some spots like the Black River Falls area will again fall below zero, but most will stay near or above zero in the single digits.

Matt Schaefer

Matt Schaefer was promoted to Chief Meteorologist in July of 2019 and has been our evening meteorologist for News 18 since June of 2016. Prior to that, he was our Saturday meteorologist starting in September 2014.

Matt was born and raised in Sheboygan, Wisconsin. He enjoys all the extremes that mother nature throws at the Badger State: from severe thunderstorms to blizzards to subzero temperatures.

Matt studied meteorology in the Midwest as well, earning his Bachelor’s of Science in Meteorology at Valparaiso University in Indiana. There, Matt was heavily involved in VUTV Weather, the Valpo student chapter of AMS/NWA, and VUSIT (Valparaiso University Storm Intercept Team). He’s logged more than 20,000 miles chasing and studying severe storms all across the country and witnessed nine tornadoes including six in one day!

Matt describes himself as a Wisconsin boy at heart and enjoys cheering for the Packers, Brewers, Badgers, and Admirals just to name a few. He loves simply being outdoors and enjoys the Wisconsin wilderness especially in fall, and whitetail deer season!

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