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Rare albino buck caught on video near Spooner

Spooner (WQOW) – Researchers say only one in 30,000 wild animals are albino and it appears like that one is roaming the woods in northern Wisconsin.

Dan Mortenson, owner of D&D Mortenson Reality in Minnesota, was hunting near Spooner over the weekend when he captured video of what appears to be an albino buck.

An animal is albino if it is absent a body pigment and is solid white with pink eyes, nose and hooves. If any part of the deer is not white, it is considered piebald.

Law says albino deer are illegal to shoot. According to the Wisconsin DNR, it is illegal to shoot an “all-white deer which is entirely white other than the hooves, tarsal glands, head and parts of the head.” If any other part of the deer is not white, it is legal to harvest.

Video Credit: D&D Mortenson Reality 

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