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11/01: Interview – Be Empowered: Healthcare Decision Making.

A new Chippewa Falls Event is teaching people how to make sure they are prepared if the worse was to happen

The event is called Be Empowered: Healthcare Decision Making. At the event, there will be a presentation by the Aging and Disability Resource Center about planning for future care options. There will also be a screening of the PBS Frontline documentary “Being Mortal” followed by a panel discussion. Community members will learn about the importance of having discussions with their loved ones about their choices and values before there is a crisis or emergency. Participants will also visit resource booths to learn about local care providers and resources.

Be Empowered will be held on Tuesday, Nov. 19 from 3-6 p.m. at Dove Healthcare-Wissota Health and Regional Vent Center in Chippewa Falls. This is a free event but registration is requested. You can do that by heading to their website. This event is presented in partnership with the Chippewa Valley Continuum of Care.

Corey Viars

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