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Student of the Month: The Fine Arts Helps North High School Senior Flourish

Eau Claire (WQOW) – With each note and each scale North High School senior, Sarah Arellano has fallen in love with the art of performing.

“This sounds really geeky but it’s OK,” Arellano said. “I just love playing different octaves and the smooth transitions between notes to notes, it’s really lovely.”

Whether it’s dance, band or forensics, News 18’s October Student of the Month says the fine arts have helped her grow.

“In the last couple years I started off shy but as I did more public speaking, it really helped me,” Arellano said.

Arellano said being in band excites her for the school day ahead.

“I just feel like in the first hour of school it really makes me feel a part of a community and it makes me, not more awake, but just more up for things,” Arellano said.

Academically, Arellano has pushed herself to maintain a perfect 4.0 GPA but she’d rather focus on the work she does outside of the classroom.

“Honestly numbers, it just doesn’t matter to me,” Arellano said. “I really don’t like to flaunt things around, I just really like to contribute to the community. I try my hardest to do the best I can in the activities that I do and the classes I take.”

She has some advice for students younger than her: the opportunities the arts can give are endless.

“If you’re not very good at academics, or if they are not your forte, fine arts can really be an opportunity for you to express what you’re good at.”

Next year Sarah hopes to study psychiatry but right now, she’s excited for what the new forensics season will bring.

Katie Phernetton

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