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‘Stand Against Meth’ campaign kicks off in Bloomer

Bloomer (WQOW)- Meth addiction is a growing problem across the Chippewa Valley, but one local group of leaders is fighting to end it, and is encouraging community members to join the fight.

Monday night was the first of three ‘Stand Against Meth’ kick-off campaign events. Residents and members of the ‘Take a Stand Against Meth’ task force gathered at the Bloomer Civic Center for a half-hour showing of a documentary produced by the task force with the help of WQOW-News 18.

The event also included a panel discussion and breakout sessions where attendees discussed possible solutions to different aspects of the meth crisis.

Randy Scholz, who is a member of the task force, said he wants people to know that solving this problem takes everybody, and he encouraged people struggling with addiction to come forward and ask for help.

“There are things that we can do to help people that are on the drug too, he said. “So, just have that courage. We had individuals that came up today and talked about their recovery. I think they’re the bravest people in the world to open up their lives and say they had this problem and how they worked through it.”

Event organizers said the full hour-long documentary will be available to view on the ‘Take a Stand Against Meth’ website in a few weeks, and that they will also post responses from tonight’s breakout sessions for community members to view.

There are two more kick-off events coming up on October 22 in Chippewa Falls and November 4 in Stanley. If you want to volunteer, the application form is also available on the ‘Take a Stand Against Meth’ website.

Jess Langlois

Jess Langlois is the weekend meteorologist and weekday multi-media journalist for News 18. She joined us in July of 2019.

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