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Keeping Hope Alive: Sara Bushland missing but not forgotten

Spooner (WQOW) – It has been more than 23 years since Sara Bushland disappeared from Spooner, Wisconsin.

In that time, holding on to hope is not easy, but as Bushland’s sister Lesley Small told us earlier this year, Jayme Closs’ return, has helped them keep hope alive.

In 1996, Bushland was 15 years old. On April 3, she was seen getting off a school bus outside her Spooner home. That is the last time she was seen or heard from.

In 1996, law enforcement wasn’t trained to react to missing children as quickly as they are today.

Bushland was first labeled a runaway and then endangered.

The case is still active, and investigators and Bushland’s family believe someone out there has the information they need to finally figure out what happened to Bushland.

“It is time to do what is right,” Small told News 18. “Life is too short to think this OK. They just need to do what is right.”

As News 18 reported in January, Small was working on a documentary to help raise awareness of Sara’s case. Small told us the documentary has not been released.


Kristen Shill

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